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Cat Cubby offers a variety of different sizes when it comes to cat cubby’s. The price really depends on the size, the accessories and the stye you choose for your new cat enclosure.

How to Choose your Price Range?

When you’re thinking of buying a new cat enclosure, you don’t want to focus your decision on price alone. You want to take in several factors like size, cat walking area, size of the home and of course your cat’s joy. Remember, the more play things your cat has, the more he will enjoy spending time outdoors in his cat enclosure.

Choose your cubby based on the number of cats you have; the time they spend outdoors and whether they enjoy being outside.

Large Cubby 2 meters high x 2 meters long x 850 mm deep inc- 5 steps 2 hammocks From $ 700
Toilet & Floor 500mm x 500mm, lid 550mm Kitty litter box not included From $ 150
Small Cubby 2 meters high x 1 meter long x 850mm deep inc- 3 steps 1 hammock From $ 400
Hardwood steps $ 30
Ladder 450mm x 300mm x 2000mm inc – 5 steps From $ 200
Hardwood Hammock From $ 70
Tunnel 450mm high x 300mm deep $ 50 per meter